Impulse Poly Bag Sealers with Cutter

Article provided by: Omnipak

Impulse Poly Bag Sealers with Cutter

Here at Omnipak, we offer a variety of Impulse poly bag sealers with a cutter.  This is a heat sealer that is handheld. It is very convenient and easy to use. The sealer has an adjustable timer so you can get the seal you need. You do not need to warm it up because it has instantaneous heating. Which size sealer you use would depend on the width of what you are sealing and how thick the material is that you are working with. They come in sizes of eight inches, twelve inches, and twenty inches. And either seal of 2mm wide seal which will seal product that is six mils thick,  3 mm wide seal that seals up to 6 mils thick and then the 5mm wide seal that will seal products up to 10 mils thick.

The Impulse poly bag sealers with cutter are great and can work on poly bags or poly tubing. It is great for sealing most plastic material. To seal a bag, place it between the seal arm and press down. A signal light will come on to show that it is heating. When it goes off the seal is complete. It is recommended that you continue to hold arm down for a few seconds after the light goes out. This is to ensure the sealer is cooled down and that the seal is set.  When you release, you will have a strong, consistent and flat seal. You would follow the same procedure with any thermoplastic material such as polyethylene and polypropylene. Your seal will be both air-tight and watertight. A sealer can do about 1000 seals a day.

The cutter is a sliding blade that is on the sealer. This blade will cut off any access material about a quarter of an inch from the seal. This is great for the rolled bags and the plastic tubing.

Sizes of the Impulse Poly Bag Sealer With Cutter we offer

While the Impulse poly bag sealer with cutter can seal the bags quite efficiently, it is essential to use a sealer that can handle the job. Here at Omnipak, we offer six sizes that have the cutter.

First and smallest of the six is the eight-inch sealer with a 2mm wide seal.  This sealer will handle material up to eight inches wide and up to six mils thick.  The eight inch with a five mm wide seal will do material that is 8 inches wide and about ten mils thick.

Next is the twelve inch to handle seals up to 12 inches wide. This comes in either the 3mm wide seal that manages up to 6 mils thick, or the 5mm that can handle up to 10 mils thick.

Our largest handheld Impulse poly bag sealers with cutter are the twenty-inch one, and it comes in both  3 mm and 5 mm. The 3 mm sealer can handle products up to 20 inches wide and six mils thick while the 5 mm can handle up to 10 mils thick.