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The best Olathe movers bring your prized heirlooms into the future. Don’t let just anyone move your precious belongings. Mike Hammer’s Local Moving provides years of experience, hundreds of thousands of miles on the road, and the knowledge gained from helping over 20,000 customers.

What Should I Look for in a Moving Company?

Your local moving company should know the area and offer a full hassle-free estimate for your move. There is nothing worse than finding hidden fees or wondering where your furniture is. Every mover should provide a pedigree of work and professionalism to give you peace of mind. Fragile furniture and large appliances should arrive undamaged.

Mike Hammer’s Local Moving trains and employs skilled professionals. Our dedication to our craft and customer service led Expertise to rank us as the best moving company of 2018.

How Much Does Moving Cost?

The cost of your move depends on the total weight of your furniture and the time required to pack, load, and ship your assets. Long-distance moving is more expensive due to the considerations of gas, time, and even storage. Typically, residential moving costs between $200 and $2000 or 25 to 50 cents per pound. This accounts for some distance traveled. We offer moving services at an affordable rate.

Is Commercial Moving More Expensive Than Residential Moving?

Commercial moves are generally more expensive than residential moves. Considerations include moving specialized and fragile equipment as well as needing to transport typically larger furniture. There are risks involved in moving a business on your own. Employees using inappropriate loading or unloading techniques are likely to get injured. You can even damage your new or former lease, losing the deposit.

What are the Risks in Moving Myself?

Moving yourself may seem like a simple task, but the costs and risks quickly stack up. Packing material, boxes, a truck, and other items required all cost money. Damaging your new or former home is a tricky proposition.

Our professional staff performs a full walkthrough of your property to identify areas that need to be padded and corners requiring protection. We work hard to avoid the common pitfalls resulting in thousands of dollars in damage.

How do I Find Accredited Moving Companies in Kansas City?

Accreditation from the Better Business Bureau ensures that a company treats its customers right, is bonded, and understands their trade. The organization takes great care to cultivate a list of trustworthy businesses and even the smallest filing can tarnish a reputation. Mike Hammer’s Local Moving is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Our professionalism leads to overwhelmingly positive reviews with little to worry about. As a locally owned and operated business, we treat the surrounding community like family.

Who are the Best Local Olathe movers?

If you are looking for Olathe movers that provide quality work at a fair price? Look no further than Mike Hammer’s Local Moving, as we can help. Our staff examines every case to ensure that your assets are protected and ready for transport. We train ever member of our team to exude the same care for the community we have shown for the past three decades. Get in touch today to receive a full estimate for your moving costs!

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